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About Us



Beyond the Certifications
We meet or exceed many certification standards for pre-k education, nutrition and daycare licensing. The resulting foundation we instill in your child will serve as evidence that we go beyond the basics.

Accountability & Safety
So our educational programs are great! But none of that matters if your child isn't in a safe and loving environment. Come see your child and teachers interacting at any time on our live monitors!

What's with the Name?
When we opened our doors in 1991, we provided 24/7 service, and we still provide extended hours beyond area standards. We have 3rd generation kids with us now! They all know us by our name, so we've kept it.

Our Philosophy

We believe... that all children have the right to an environment in which they are comfortable and secure.

We believe... that each child is unique with varying strengths and needs. We accept these strengths and needs and will provide learning opportunities for each child accordingly.

We believe... that each child has a right to have a positive self-image. We strive to treat each child with love and respect, believing that the child will in turn treat others, as well as him or herself, with love and respect as well.

We believe... that each child is naturally creative. We intend to nurture this creativity by exposing the children to the arts - dramatics, music, dance and visual arts - on a daily basis.

We believe... that every child is naturally curious and constantly learning. We believe that children learn best by doing. We saturate their world with tools for learning - science/discovery/math centers, language centers, block centers, manipulative centers, creative play centers, social opportunities, problem-solving as well as other activities designed to satisfy their curiosity and learning needs.

We provide a caring and trained staff whose objective is to facilitate learning and development. We thoughtfully design curriculum year-round in which the child's needs are of utmost importance. We allow each child to develop to his or her potential following sound childhood development principles. 

Hours and Pricing

We are open Monday - Friday

from 6:30 am - 5:30p. (6 am if you schedule it with the office)

Office hours are from 8:30-5:30p.

Check our online Parent Handbook and with the front office for Holiday Closings. 


12 - 18 months:         $165 per week

18 months - 5 yrs:     $140 per week

There is a one time $30 enrollment fee per family and $5 per month wipie fee for children under 3 years.

Click below for more details on hours and pricing. 

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