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Meal Times

·   6:45 am Breakfast

·   8:45 am Morning Snack

·   11:00 am Lunch

·   2:15 pm Afternoon Snack

Child Feeding Policy

We provide nutritious, regularly scheduled meals and snacks.

Meals and snacks are an important part of our program day.

* We take time to help children relax and prepare to eat.

* We sit down to eat with children and have good times.

* We help children learn to behave well, to show consideration for others, to be thankful for what we have and to use good manners at meal and snack time.

We follow federal and state guidelines to plan meals and snacks.

• We keep in mind the special food needs of small children.

• We offer familiar and popular foods along with new, unfamiliar foods.

• We let children eat what they like and also try out new foods.

• We serve milk with every meal. 

We trust children to manage their own eating. We encourage children to be autonomous and serve themselves in a family style setting. Children will eat what they need, and they will learn to like the new foods that we offer. While we encourage children to “try some of everything” we serve, we let them pick and choose from the food we make available. Some days children eat a lot, others, not so much. But they know how much they need.

• We do not limit the amounts children eat.

• We do not force children to eat certain foods or certain amounts of food.

We feed our children often. Our meal / snack times begin at the times listed above. If you miss one meal or snack, don’t worry. Another one will be soon. If you want your child to participate in certain meal / snack times, make sure they are here when their class is served. Otherwise, they will have to wait until the next one is served.

We are on a six weeks menu cycle. Check out our menus!

Menus are subject to change due to availability of food items.

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